Small Groups are a vital part of belonging to a church family. They provide a place to be known and encouraged in your Christian journey, a place to care for, support, and pray for one another, and a context to grow and develop and serve Christ with others who are following Jesus. Being involved in a small group helps you to develop a sense of community and a second family. At Emmanuel, there are small groups that meet on every night of the week in homes across the city.
We also encourage groups to make use of Right Now Media.  If you did not receive a gift from Emmanuel for the link to this resource, please contact Robin.  With the help of Right Now Media small groups are encouraged to find topics that will enrich the faith life of their group.
If you would like to participate in a small group, please complete the inquiry form below, or contact Robin Sloboda at 306-477-1234, ext. 144.
On Sunday mornings this fall, we will be exploring the Holy Spirit as God’s Empowering Presence in our lives. We are inviting small groups to engage in this discussion by reading the book by Trevor Hudson, Holy Spirit: Here and Now. 
Hudson shares his own personal journey and includes practical guidance to help the reader experience the Holy Spirit’s movement in their own life.

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