(nursery & preschool)


Babies from birth up to 18-months are cared for in our infant nursery.  There are age-appropriate toys to enable volunteers to provide the best possible experience for each and every baby.  If you can say a prayer and offer a cuddle, you’ll be sharing Jesus’ love with a child.

TODDLERS(18-36 months)

Care is provided for children aged approximately 18-36 months in our Toddler Room.  There is an abundance of larger toys that the toddlers can play with.  Children learn to cooperate with others while at play through the loving care of volunteers. 

3 & 4 Year Olds

A slightly more structured approach is offered to this group of children.  We want to provide these preschoolers with a first look at who God is and help them to understand that “God Made Them”, “God Loves Them”, and “Jesus Wants To Be Their Friend Forever”.  These children will hear a story, participate in music activities & games, and complete simple crafts as well as playing with their peers & leaders of various ages. 

5 Year Olds
Leaders guide our 5 year old children into the presence of God using various hands-on activities and stories. The curriculum has been created to help kids experience God personally and they are challenged to apply what they learn on Sunday mornings in their everyday lives.  Stories, scripture, object lessons, activities, games, music, and more are used to get them interested and involved.
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